Power Race

Power Race for Schools

Suitable for all ages, the hands on Power Race sessions can be adapted to suit the most able students through to students with educational needs and employability skills.

All sessions are delivered by registered STEMNET STEM Ambassadors with current DBS checks.

The sessions can run for a full school day, two half day sessions or three 90 minute sessions each with upto 40 students.

Sessions can be tailored to focus on science, mathematics, engineering or careers. Tell us what you need and we can focus the sessions appropriately. Choose from our list of products.


Power Race for Business

Based on the same equipment, Power Race for Business is an excellent team building activity. We work with employers to tailor they focus to business needs: marketing, project management, restructuring, commercial activity are just some of the areas Power Race can be used to demonstrate and explore. The enjoyable and challenging environment enables teams to work together, challenging and reinforcing principles.


Do you have problems meeting CSR commitments. The majority of businesses support schools and colleges in their locality, many commit time and resources, but not all have the staff availability or skillset to support schools effectively. This is where Power Race can help. A significant number of sessions are sponsored by organisations, we can deliver an award winning STEM day for you. Have a look at this video showing sessions sponsored by The Crown Estates.

Power Race for Further and Higher Education

Run over one or more days, the Power Race equipment can be used to develop and demonstrate a broad range of FE and HE skills. CAD, rapid prototyping, business skills and project management can all be integrated.

Power Race would form an excellent induction activity for HE and Apprenticeship programmes.

Bradford University use it's Supergrid activity at open events for it's state of the art engineering facility.

Power Race at conferences

Whilst primarily designed for sessions of 90 minutes or more, Power Race has been adapted to provide hands on drop in sessions for conferences and open evenings.

The drop in sessions can accomodate 10 groups totalling up to 40 participants at a time with typical dwell time of around 15 minutes. This is suitable for a wide range of scenarios with a changing footfall. The Big Bang video below shows the activity being used on family day at the Big Bang 2015.

Be warned! Competitive Dad Syndrome may kick in. During the day shown we had numerous examples of dads competing to better their score with several of the dads spending 60 minutes or more at the tables.

Power Race in action

The following videos were produced with permission, during a range of activities.